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[fluid-dev] Some problems with new stuff

From: Josh Green
Subject: [fluid-dev] Some problems with new stuff
Date: 15 Mar 2003 23:46:59 -0800

Having a couple of weired issues with new Swami/FluidSynth. I haven't
looked into them thoroughly yet, just wanted to check if anyone else is
having the same problems. When I run Swami/FluidSynth on my laptop one
of the threads takes up almost 90% CPU time constantly. Also it is
definately more susceptable to underrun problems even when running as
root. On my desktop machine I haven't seen the CPU consumption problem,
but it does seem more sensitive to underruns. I would guess this is
probably the new FluidSynth ALSA driver? Perhaps ALSA is doing some sort
of sample conversion or other junk that is causing excessive CPU usage?

Looks like there is a build problem with Swami too, when gnome support
isn't being compiled (for canvas widget) the popt library isn't included
in the link, so the link stage fails with some undefined symbols from
the popt library. I'll fix this soon. Cheers!
        Josh Green

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