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[fluid-dev] Change instrument on channel ?

From: krozilo
Subject: [fluid-dev] Change instrument on channel ?
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 08:01:23 +0400

Hi !
I use fluidsynth with my sf2 collection, and i have some full-GM sf2.
After start i load font and do "channels":

> channels
chan 0, Piano 1 - SC88
chan 1, Piano 2 - SC88
chan 2, Piano 3 - SC88
chan 3, Honky Tonk - SC88
chan 4, EMU Mark I Soft NC
chan 5, E.Piano 2
chan 6, Harpsichord
chan 7, Clavinet
chan 8, Celesta
chan 9, no preset
chan 10, Music Box
chan 11, Vibraphone
chan 12, Marimba
chan 13, Xylophone
chan 14, Tubular Bells
chan 15, Dulcimer

I try change instrument in sequencer (or in virtual keyboard), but fluidsynth 
play own
instrument (for example, i select bass-guitar on channel 12, but fluidsynth 
play Marimba).
Is it right ? May be i must to load font with options, which instrument load to 
channel ?
I cann't find "docs and tutorial" about fluidsynth.
Please help me.
Sorry for a possible mistakes, WBR

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