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[fluid-dev] Dummy question: velocity layers, intro to MIDI

From: Josh Green
Subject: [fluid-dev] Dummy question: velocity layers, intro to MIDI
Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 21:37:27 -0400

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Date: 18 May 2003 18:33:01 -0700
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> Hello!
> Here's probably a very dummy question.
> I se many sf2's advertised as having several velocity layers. What are
> those, and are they supported in fluidsynth, and do I need to switch
> them?
> Perhaps what I really need is to do an RTFM on MIDI, but the problem is,
> I can't find a decent manual. Could anyone please point me to a good
> intro to MIDI itself? (*not* a linux-midi-howto, these generally assume
> one has done midi on some other os).
> -- 
> Sincerely yours, Mikhail Ramendik

Replying to an older message from the archives.. Velocity layers allow
one to have a different sample (and associated effect parameters) be
played depending on the velocity of a note (the speed at which a note is
played on a velocity sensitive keyboard for example). So you could have
an instrument that has different sounds or a variation of sounds
depending on the velocity. You might be interested in the "SoundFont
introduction" that I wrote a while back. It can be found on the Swami
site at:


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