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[fluid-dev] Unpredictable unsync and buffers

From: Mathias Lundgren
Subject: [fluid-dev] Unpredictable unsync and buffers
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 19:18:51 +0200
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Hi there!

I'm a happy fluidsynth-user (most of the times), using it "externally" 
together with MusE (not the fluidsynth-version that is internally in MusE), 
ZynAdd and Jack. I've noticed a strange little phenomenon, and I'm not sure 
if this is the right list, since I'm not sure if it's fluidsynth is what 
causes this phenomenon.

When using jack with -p 512 things sound in sync, but when I shifted from -p 
512 to -p 1024 fluidsynth started to behave a little strange. It got a little 
bit unpredictable when it comes to accuracy in timing (not very much, but 
definitely noticeable). After playing with various buffer-values things got 
more accurate again when using -z 2048 -c 3. I got curious about what size is 
appropriate for the audio buffer/buffer count, and what it depends on. Can 
anyone enlighten me? What are the default values (my man-page says %d :-) ?


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