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Re: [fluid-dev] Bank Change

From: holborn
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Bank Change
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 17:01:05 +0100
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> As far as I know it does support the Bank Change message. What in
> particular are you having trouble with? Which MIDI driver are you using
> with FluidSynth (ALSA sequencer, ALSA raw, etc)? Also, make sure that
> the bank/preset you are selecting actually has an instrument assigned to
> it.

I use ALSA sequencer ... i send: 

Control 0 BankMSB  +   Control 32 BankLSB  +  Midi Porgram Change Program

In that way emu10k1 device changes the Program to the specified bank, well 
only changing the BankMSB hi changes to the same program number in the 
specified bank.

The big problem  is in the drums channel ... in GM soundfonts are always 
asigned to the bank 128, no problems in emu10k1 devices i send:  

Control 0 128 + Control 32 0 + Program Change 0   for the standart kit, o 
whatever program in bank 128 ... brush, room ... etc.

Sorry but no sound with fluidsynth.... emu10k1 and timidity sounds and changes 
the program.

I know, i read about that, there is a little confusion with the bank change 
control midi message, i use that way ... runs almost in emu10k1 and timidity.
I hope i'm wrong ... but what i need is a standart way to change the bank in 
all the soundfonts devices. 

Also i try to change by hand sendind only the Control 0 BankMSB like in 
emu10k1, but still no sound with fluidsynth.

128-000 Standard
128-008 Room
128-016 Power
128-024 Electronic
128-025 TR 808
128-032 Jazz
128-040 Brush
128-048 Orchestra
128-056 SFX

Thats the available inst font, listed in fluidsynth, the program exist.
Of course sounds if i enter the "select" command in a fluidsynth shell. But i 
need some more comunication :-)
Thanks in advance.


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