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[fluid-dev] Another problem....

From: holborn
Subject: [fluid-dev] Another problem....
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 17:10:47 +0100
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again ...

Well i not tested this in the current version, i think the most powerfull 
capabilities of a soundfont device is the ability to load different 

Of course each soundfont can use differents banks, that is hard ... because 
normally different soundfonts uses the same banks. Well is responsability to 
the user change the banks in the soundfont, but we need to edit the 
soundfont, and that is hard too.

I love what sfxload does for that ... you can load the soundfont in a 
specified bank, of course if there are loaded soundfonts in that bank ... the 
last has priority. 

I think that is a good way for the end user, because edit all the soundfonts 
is not a way.



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