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[fluid-dev] About multi ( >2 ) jack outputs

From: Giannis Gravezas
Subject: [fluid-dev] About multi ( >2 ) jack outputs
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:48:24 +0300
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First of all hello and congratulations on your fine efforts.
Fluidsynth is quickly becoming the best sampler on the linux audio landscape . The only thing that's been holding me from using it is the lack of multi-channel output ( I'm oriented on techno-trance and use it for percussion loops I need to be able to process each channel with different effects through jack and other apps ) . I tried specifying --audio-channels , --audio-groups and they didn't worked only two jack ports. Then browsing through the code I found in fluid_jack.c the "jack.audio.multi" and set it to yes and alas 36 ports !!! (16 stero channels) Only thing is when I try to play something the synth exits no matter what combination I try. I browsed the code a little and seen that groups control the output but haven't browsed it extensively. Before I continue has anyone actually used multiple jack output? I wan't to know if I'm doing something wrong in my general setup before I try to understand how fluidsynth works .
Thanx in advance,

Giannis Gravezas,
Software Developer,
Neurosoft SA ,

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