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[fluid-dev] fluidsynth developer docs

From: Conrad Berhörster
Subject: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth developer docs
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 19:39:59 +0200
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Hello all,
i ve build the first version of the developer docs. comments are very welcome.

they can be downloaded from
the HTML version  is available from

some remarks:
1) i ve copied lots of text from the source code, mailing list and so on. that helped to understand the way fluid works. 2) there are a lot of pages, but don't be afraid. the first 20 are necessary to understand it. the rest is only the API documentation. 3) there will be a html version for the insight people. i will put it on my webpage and let you know it. 4) where is the best place to let this document be. the fluid website, the cvs, sourceforge, my website. and what is the best format. i will edit it in the future. should others have the possibility of editing, too?

sizu c~

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