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Re: [fluid-dev] no midi on linux

From: Josh Green
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] no midi on linux
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 23:49:05 -0700

On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 21:59, Joe Corneli wrote:
> I said:
> > One would hope that the Debian alsa might autodetect the built in card?
> > Any further tests you can suggest running (to see if alsa is set up
> > properly) or files you could suggest looking at?
> Well I found one test to run, and what I saw is this:
> cat /proc/asound/cards 
> --- no soundcards ---
> So I guess I have to investigate further... maybe call HP?  
> Or... any chance that the Mac version will be working soon?
> Joe

You need to figure out what sound card you have. Unlike Macs there are
hundreds of different types of sound cards, though thankfully it boils
down to only a couple dozen drivers. If you didn't see anything related
to "Multimedia audio controller" or something of the sort with "lspci"
then you may actually have an old ISA sound card. How old is your
system? If its a sound card that came with your HP machine, look up the
model on the net to see if you can find what sound card is in it.

If it is really a Creative Labs SoundBlaster (TM) card you might try:
"modprobe snd-sb16" for old SoundBlaster 16 cards
"modprobe snd-emu10k1" for SoundBlaster Live! cards

If its a snd-sb16 you may need to mess with plug and play stuff if its
an ISA card. Not very fun, and I don't recall how to do this. Make sure
you have the alsa-modules installed for your debian system and that they
match the kernel you have. If your computer is accessible via the net, I
could always log in and see if I can force it to make noise :) Just make
sure you have an ssh account for me, and email me the details off the

Ohh yeah, make sure your mixer isn't muted. Run "alsamixer" and make
sure anything related to Audio/Pcm/Master doesn't have an "MM" above it
(press the "m" key to mute/unmute) and is at a respectable level, use
the up and down arrows to adjust the levels. Hope that helps.
        Josh Green

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