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[fluid-dev] fluidsynth+jack+alsa midi problem

From: Karlis
Subject: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth+jack+alsa midi problem
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 23:49:39 +0100
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Using Linux version 2.4.20-xfs, alsa .9 (quattro w/ snd-usb-audio), jack 0.75, fluidsynth 1.0.1 (also running aseqview and hydrogen)

If I'm watching my cpu, the system will use maybe 20-30% as long as I'm playing my keyboard and running notes through fluidsynth. When I stop playing anything, fluidsynth will slowly eat up all the CPU until it at 99% and the system is unusable for sound until I play some more midi keys and the CPU will drop to 20% again.

It's like fluidsynth is throwing a tantrum that I'm not paying it enough attention (reminds me of some people). Any ideas?


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