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Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI stutters when I move windows

From: Menteco
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI stutters when I move windows
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 16:37:58 -0300
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Now I know LL patches are not included in kernel2.6.0-test9 since:
$ jackstart
jackstart: cannot get realtime capabilities, current capabilities are:
          =ep cap_setpcap-ep
   probably running under a kernel with capabilities disabled,
   a suitable kernel would have printed something like "=eip"

You are right about installing stuff from source. Actually, installing fluidsynth from source got me rid of some errors messages I had before while I run it.

I still don't what for do you suggest to run jack. Do the low latency kernel patches depend on or work just while jack is running? I have installed jack and jackd. Should I need to load/run any of them at startup of my gnome session?

Paul www.menteco.tk

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