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[fluid-dev] fluid~ crashes

From: Frank Barknecht
Subject: [fluid-dev] fluid~ crashes
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 19:50:05 +0100
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I'm having a problem with my fluid~ external [1] for Pd/Max crashing
Pd. This is with the current CVS version of fluid~ and Pd 0.37.  I'm
using the libfluidsynth package from Debian, which is at version

Creating the object and loading soundfonts works fine, but as soon as
audio is turned on, a patch with the fluid~ object crashes Pd. 

I found out, that Pd crashes at the calls to fluid_synth_write_float
in the dsp function of fluid~, which looks like this: 

void fluid::m_signal(int n, float *const *in, float *const *out)
        if (synth == NULL) return;
        float *left  = out[0];
        float *right = out[1];
        // This crashes:
        fluid_synth_write_float(synth, n, left, 0, 1, right, 0, 1); 
}  // end m_signal

If I comment out fluid_synth_write_float Pd does not crash. I can write to
the left or right arrays as well (like setting left[1] = 0.4 by hand),
so somehow the error has to be inside the fluid function. Can someone
reproduce this and maybe has an idea about a reason? 

[1] Source code for fluid~ is at pure-data.sourceforge.net in the CVS

 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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