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Re: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth download unavailable

From: Josh Green
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth download unavailable
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 17:19:34 -0800

On Mon, 2003-12-29 at 15:44, Eric Van Buggenhaut wrote:
> Hi,
> It looks like your download page disappeared from the repository on
> savannah. The link on http://www.fluidsynth.org:
> <p class="txt">The source code of FluidSynth can be obtained at the <a
> class="link" href="http://savannah.nongnu.org/files/?group=fluid";>Savannah web
> site</a>.
> returns a
> 404 Not found

Thanks for the report, unfortunately I believe this is because of the
recent re-structuring of Savannah after being hacked. I don't think the
downloads have made it back yet, or perhaps I'm wrong? Have any of the
download links for other projects on Savannah been restored? Cheers.
        Josh Green

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