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Re: [fluid-dev] fluid~ crashes

From: Frank Barknecht
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] fluid~ crashes
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004 13:40:54 +0100
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Josh Green hat gesagt: // Josh Green wrote:

> Cool. From looking at the backtrace a quick fix would probably be to
> disable LADSPA support in FluidSynth (you probably aren't using it
> anyways?) Just don't explicitly enable it during configure time and it
> should not be compiled. 

I did that now (BTW: --enable-ladspa=no and --disable-ladspa did
*not* disable LADSPA, although that would be nice. But leaving out the
option at all as you suggested worked).

Disabling LADSPA in libfluidsynth indeed did the trick for fluid~:
fluid~ is up and running again now. I do wonder: The fluid-settings I
used inside fluid~ explicitly disabled ladspa (as copied over from the
fluidsynth source code). Normally it shouldn't go that ladspa path
anyway then, not?

fluid~ normally disables all effect processing because users can do
that in Pd, which is a modular synth, themselves if they want to. Pd
is a LADSPA host.

> There may be something more sinister going on
> here though, since I really don't see how its getting to
> delete_fluid_settings() from fluid_settings_getint(). Something might be
> broken with the LADSPA code. I may have to get ~FluidSynth installed to
> figure this out. Any quick pointers to getting things setup? 

If you're on Debian unstable the easiest way to get this up and
running is to do:

$ apt-get install pd-flext-ext

or to get the source with build-dependencies

$ apt-get build-dep pd-flext-ext ; apt-get --build source pd-flext-ext

fluid~ is part of the pd-flext-ext package. 

The CVS way is to check-out the externals-tree from pure-data.sf.net
and then first build externals/grill/flext and after that
externals/footils/fluid with some editing of the respective
config-pd-linux.txt files in both directories to match your paths.

Of course you also need Pd installed.

 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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