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Re: [fluid-dev] external effects

From: Conrad Berhörster
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] external effects
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 12:22:40 +0100
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Hello Markus,

good point.
I think, MIDI effects are the build in Effects which can be obtained through MIDI messages, right?

So i think, we talk about Audio effects. For example a filter to manipulate a instrument in realtime. But since i implement multiplattform software, i can't use LADSPA. In my opinion, i need a way to get the audio stream somewhere before rendering.
or another idea is to implement effects as MIDI effects with sysex.
Is this a way??
any idea....

sizu c~

address@hidden wrote:

please clarify: are you talking about MIDI effects or audio effects?
MIDI effects can be implemented with the midi router API functions.

I assume you're talking about audio effects; there is a built-in effects 
processor, namely the LADSPA Fx unit.
It needs to be enabled when fluidsynth is compiled (see ./configure --help)
You can either pack your own effects as LADSPA modules, or hack the code and 
integrate it like reverb and chorus.
If you're interested, I could dig out some examples. Pls let me know.



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Subject: [fluid-dev] external effects

Hello all,

today a question to the conceptional programmers.
Is it possibile to plug in external effects into Fluidsynth. i want to write my own effects and use them between the Fluid sequencer and the Fluid output rendering. If not, can someone explain, how much work it would be, to intergrate an effect chain.
thanks c~

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