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[fluid-dev] Recent changes

From: Peter Hanappe
Subject: [fluid-dev] Recent changes
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 14:13:42 +0200
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Hi all,

I commited a bunch of changes to the CVS. Here's an overview:

- The Midi tempo problem is corrected

- Config files: fluidsynth now reads the configuration file
  correctly. This was a feature that, I think, was not used by many
  people but that is quite useful. On start-up, fluidsynth parses the
  file ~/.fluidsynth, if it is there. If it is not there, it tries to
  parse the file /etc/fluidsynth.conf. Any command that you can enter
  in fluidsynth's shell can be put in the config files. For example,
  my ~/.fluidsynth file currently contains:

    reverb on
    rev_setroomsize 0.5
    rev_setdamp 1
    rev_setwidth 0.5

  It is possible to specify an alternative config file on the command
  line. Passing the "-f filename" option will cause the synthesizer to
  load the specified file instead of the default configuration files.

- Audio file driver: I added an audio driver that outputs the sound to
  a file. I wrote the driver for debugging purposes. It is not yet
  suited to render a MIDI file accurately. To use the driver, use the
  "-a file" command line option. You can specify the filename by
  passing "-o audio.file.name=<filename>". The driver only outputs raw
  data. To use the file you'll probably want to convert it to a .wav
  file (with sox, for example).

- Testing and wave form verification: I agreed with Josh Green that it
  is important to validate the DSP code of the synthesizer. So I
  started a test suite to verify the audio output. This has taken me
  more time than planned. I'll write a follow-up mail to explain the
  results so far.

- Reverb: I changed some of the settings of the reverb module. The
  code has not been changed. I made the changes after comparing the
  wave forms of the original Freeverb with the synth's output. I'll
  explain more in the follow-up mail.

- Bug fixes in the sequencer. The sequencer is now also protected by a
  mutex and no longer has a maximum limit on the number of events.

- I added Markus Nentwig's LADSPA design document to CVS. It
  introduces the usage of the LADSPA effects module.

- Applied Stephane Letz' patch that connects MidiShare to fluidsynth
  by default so that received MIDI events directly trigger the synth.

- Bug fix in amplitude envelope (I already mentioned this on the
  mailing list)


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