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[fluid-dev] Re: macos x questions

From: Stéphane Letz
Subject: [fluid-dev] Re: macos x questions
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 18:16:37 +0200

Actually I'm not familiar with routing MIDI on Mac OSX. If you asked me
how to do it with Linux I could tell you though :) At some point I will
get my hands on a Mac, since I will be doing some other cross platform
development (in addition to Swami) and would like to test things, maybe
then I will have a better idea.

I'd recommend looking at any relevant user documentation that applies to
midishare, since this is the MIDI driver you are using. I'd imagine it
has support for routing MIDI between programs and things like that (or
at least I'd hope so, since this is a nice feature).

        Josh Green

MidiShare does not have any Inter application Midi routing capabilititie on Mac OSX.

But you can use the CoreMidi Inter application Midi routing capabilititie. On Panther there is an IAC driver in Audio/Midi setup. On Jaguar you can find programs for that (like MidiPipe)

Basically you use MidiShare with its CoreMidi driver (the msMidiDriver that is installed by default). Using the MidiShare tool msDrivers, you can do a connection between MidiShare ports and CoreMidi devices. The you can route Midi output form the CoreMidi application in the the MidiShare/Fluidsynth component.

Stephane Letz

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