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[fluid-dev] accessing player time

From: mdeboer
Subject: [fluid-dev] accessing player time
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 20:00:33 +0100


I am writing a karaoke application, and using fluidsynth, I ran into a
problem I hope you can help me with. 

The graphical presentation consist of photos slowly zooming in and out,
and softly crossfading, very similar to the Mac OS X screensaver, with
the karaoke text (also fading in and out, for a nice effect),
superimposed. This is done with OpenGL. I have to say that the result is
very pretty.

I decided to use fluidsynth for the midi synthesis, and I included the
fluidsynth.c source directly in my application. It works very nicely,
but I ran into the following problem. For the timing of the karaoke
text, I need the player time (cur_msec), but since the fluid_player_t
struct is not public, there is no way to access it. As a quick hack, I
copied the definition of the struct into my code, but obviously, this is
not the correct way.

Any suggestions how to solve this problem?

I realize that my application would be more flexible, if it was an alsa
sequencer client, so it could use any alsa sequencer enabled synthesizer
or external device for the audio. But I like the idea of having a
self-contained application.


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