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[fluid-dev] Need to know what code was changed in 1.0.4 to get rid of cl

From: kd4crel02
Subject: [fluid-dev] Need to know what code was changed in 1.0.4 to get rid of clicks
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 18:09:42 -0500
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Hi there,

In Peter Hanappe's message, titled "News and FluidSynth 1.0.4" from last May, 
he mentioned that "filter on/off optimization" was turned off in version 
1.0.4 in order to get rid of possible clicks in the sound produced by 
FluidSynth. I'd like to know what code what changed between 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 
to achieve that, since I need to make the same change in my installation of 
FluidSynth 1.0.3.

As you may remember, I'm unable to use FluidSynth version 1.0.4 or higher due 
to the "unbearably loud noise" issue I wrote about a little while ago. So 
I've been using FluidSynth 1.0.3, which works well, except that occasionally, 
and unpredictably, it produces loud clicks in the signal, regardless of any 
settings I try, including different SoundFonts, instruments, levels or audio 
buffer settings (and I keep reverb and chorus turned off). Unfortunately, 
this problem makes it impossible for me to use FluidSynth for production 
work, because usually there will be at least one noticeable click per minute 
of MIDI sent to FluidSynth.

I tried searching the mailing list archive for this problem, and I found that 
message posted by Peter Hanappe about the 1.0.4 release. So I suspect that 
these clicks I'm experiencing in 1.0.3 are due to this "filter on/off 
optimization." I've tried looking at CVS diffs and code comments to determine 
exactly what I would have to change, but this change seemed to happen at the 
same time that several other changes were made, making it hard for me to 
narrow down the exactly blocks of code that need to be changed.

So if anyone could point me to the right parts of the code to change, I'd 
really appreciate it!

Thanks for the otherwise great work.


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