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[fluid-dev] Sound fluid/qsynth/rosegarden not giving stable audio output

From: Marc Brevoort
Subject: [fluid-dev] Sound fluid/qsynth/rosegarden not giving stable audio output after a while
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 21:12:22 +0000

Hello devlist,

For some time I've been trying to set up a combination of fluidsynth/qsynth/rosegarden, with success, however after playing sound for a bit, short pops start appearing in the sound, which gets worse over time until there's an almost constant rattle/hum in the audio playback. Completely restarting Jack and qsynth solves the problem.

Something that might be relevant to this problem is that I've borrowed my moms casio CTK-611 keyboard (yeah I know YUCK casio), which I've been using as master keyboard for a while. Running amidi --dump I've noticed that this MIDI keyboard never sends note-off messages. Instead, it sends note-on MIDI messages with a velocity of 0 to turn off the note. So, obviously it doesn't work the way MIDI was designed. What can I do?

The piece I'm putting together uses some non-looped soundfonts (piano) and some looped-soundfonts (strings and horns). I suspect that once a non-looped sample reaches its end, it no longer needs processing by fluidsynth and it will be removed from the list of samples to play. However a looped sample never ends. Could it be that the poor MIDI implementation of the keyboard forces fluidsynth to play more and more and more looped silent samples?

I realize that ultimately I should simply replace the keyboard by one that has a proper MIDI implementation, but unfortunately at this moment that's not an option to me. Could the poor MIDI implementation be the cause of my trouble, and if so, is there anything that can be done to turn a zero-velocity note-on message into a note-off message?
Where in the code would I start looking to realize this?

Best regards,
Marc Brevoort

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