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[fluid-dev] Preset Change - Feature Request

From: Lutz MoreLater
Subject: [fluid-dev] Preset Change - Feature Request
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 21:52:47 +0200


I wonder if it would be possible to implement a new feature for the MIDI "preset change"-command in fluid synth.

Normally this command CHANGES between sounds, i.e. if one switches from piano to trumpet, one plays piano first and then trumpet, but not both.

But computers seem to be fast enough to do things a little different: I would like to see an option that makes this command TOGGLE sounds instead of changing between them.

Example: for any channel that has no instrument sound playing yet I select a piano using preset change, this turns on piano sound. Now I send preset change for a trumpet, and in this case it leaves the piano sound switched on and at the same time switches on trumpet sound. If I enter "preset change" again for the piano, the piano sound now is toggled and therefore switched off. Only trumpet plays now.

This feature would be nice especially for organs and would easily allow for mixing of different stops.

Do You think this is a feasible option well worth considering putting it into fluid synth soon?


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