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[fluid-dev] Number of bits of audio data

From: Edenyard
Subject: [fluid-dev] Number of bits of audio data
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 07:26:06 +0100
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Not sure if this is a silly question, but how many bits does Fluidsynth use for audio data? Reason for asking is that I seem to be running into trouble with audible quantising distortion on quiet sounds. I was considering getting a 24-bit soundcard to see if that helps but it's probably pretty pointless if Fluid only generates 16-bit sound.

Sometimes it seems as though the audible artifacts are worse as the reverberation dies away.

I'm currently using Fluid 1.0.6 with Alsa 1.0.8 and kernel 2.4.29 on a mobo with Via 82C686B audio chip, if that's of any use to know. I'm looking at a Soundblaster Live 24-bit, which I believe Alsa supports, but am open to any suggestions!

Cheers,  Gerald.

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