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Re: [fluid-dev] Number of bits of audio data

From: Edenyard
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Number of bits of audio data
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 14:07:12 +0100
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John Matthews wrote:

I have experienced a problem with noisey sound with fluid with via 82xx
sound chips.  It turns out that the snd-via82xx driver is the problem.

To see if that's the same problem, download vias own "viaudiocombo" driver,
which is available on their website.  It's an oss driver and the latency is
too high to be of any use but the funny noises stop.

The different driver didn't seem to make any difference. I tried running Fluidsynth with the same versions of software on another mobo, this time using a CMI8738 sound chip (Alsa cmipci driver) and the result was largely identical.

It does sound very much like the sort of distortion one gets when there are too few bits of audio resolution, which is why I was asking how many bits Fluidsynth uses.


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