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[fluid-dev] Automatic polyphony reduction?

From: Kimmo Sundqvist
Subject: [fluid-dev] Automatic polyphony reduction?
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 17:25:44 +0300
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Having the polyphony set at 256, I experienced the dropping out of sound 
output here and there in Chris Tilton's Overture.mid.

This is different than the screeches I experienced earlier, which were 
characterised by the volume of the noise being many times louder than the 

I set the polyphony to 64 voices, and that fixed it.  I am not sure how many 
voices a 933MHz Pentium III can support.  I was thinking if it would benefit 
anyone to have Fluidsynth automatically and temporarily reduce polyphony to 
avoid problems with polyphony set too high.  It could maybe report the 
reduction somewhere.

I still have the Fluidsynth CPU usage at 99% all the time, so I cannot make 
any estimates about the polyphonic capabilities of my machine.  Is there 
anything I could do to find out why it does this?

-Kimmo S.

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