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Re: [fluid-dev] Compiling fluidmax

From: Niklas Saers
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Compiling fluidmax
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 11:00:52 +0100

Hi Josh, thanks for the quick reply

On 20. feb. 2006, at 06.46, Josh Green wrote:
I did find this page, which appears to have version 12 of the
fluidsynth~ module built for Mac OSX. This seems to be a newer version
than in the FluidSynth source tree (11).

This is the page that brought me here. :-) I used the help-file included and tried to load some soundfonts, but that failed so I assumed some linking between fluidsynth~ and fluid was missing and wanted to compile it up to ensure that it was correctly linked. I thought that it'd also be nice to link with the new update of fluid. The error I get is:

fluidsynth~ (Fluid Synth soundfont synthesizer for Max/MSP), version 10/2005 (12) Fluid Synth is written by Peter Hanappe et al. (see http:// www.fluidsynth.org/)
  Max/MSP integration by Norbert Schnell ATR IRCAM - Centre Pompidou
fluidsynth~ core (level 1): Unable to open file "/Volumes/niklas/ Desktop/fluid4max.2005.10(12)/vintage.sf2"
fluidsynth~ core (level 1): Couldn't load soundfont file
fluidsynth~ core (level 1): Failed to load SoundFont "/Volumes/niklas/ Desktop/fluid4max.2005.10(12)/vintage.sf2"

• error: fluidsynth~: cannot load soundfont from file '/Volumes/ niklas/Desktop/fluid4max.2005.10(12)/vintage.sf2'

I get this with all soundfonts I've tried so far.



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