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[fluid-dev] Temporary patch for 1.0.7 and request for beta testers

From: Josh Green
Subject: [fluid-dev] Temporary patch for 1.0.7 and request for beta testers
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 03:46:18 -0800

Here is a patch which fixes the build problem which occurs when both
LASH and LADCCA are not present.  Will release an updated version soon.
Probably would be a good idea to have more testing done before doing a
full release to try and minimize these "dain bread" bugs :)

How many folks on this list would be interested in doing some testing of
CVS prior to releases?  I could make a testing announcement a few days
before release and whoever feels inspired could test as much as they
desire and report back to me personally (to cut down on list traffic).
Even simply compiling it can provide for valuable feedback, since there
are many different setups out there, of course testing it in your
preferred audio/music setup is even better.

The patch is attached, apply by running this command from the toplevel
fluidsynth-1.0.7 directory:

"patch -p0 < fluid-1.0.7-no-lash.patch"

        Josh Green

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