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Re: [fluid-dev] FluidSynth 1.0.7 "Increasing Fluidity.." released

From: Josh Green
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] FluidSynth 1.0.7 "Increasing Fluidity.." released
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 20:55:31 -0800


On Sat, 2006-02-25 at 23:01 +0100, Christoph Eckert wrote:
> Hi all,
> > - Jack driver displays a warning if jackd sample rate doesn't match
> > synthesizer rate (in the hope that it will cut down on confusion when
> > synthesizer is out of tune)
> * The warning will not be noticed if lazy desktop users will use qsynth 
> (except qsynth grabs the output and converts it into a message box or 
> something else)

Very true, but it was the least I could do for the moment.

> * The issue came up when I tried a cool Rhodes soundfont which I found 
> on http://learjeff.com/sf/sf.html
> The soundfont is at 44.1kHz, while my USB audio card only runs at 48kHz.
> This leads to a detuned result. I was asked if I couldn't use permanent 
> pitchbend but it's not enough: The detune is slightly more than two 
> semitones ;-) .
> The question is if fluidsynth will ever be able to resample soundfonts 
> on the fly to avoid detuning. I have not enough technical knowledge; I 
> guess it could be technically done while the audio result is not 
> optimal.
> Any opinions?

I just had a brief look at this.  The easiest would be to stop all
voices (all notes off), rather than having it completely dynamic.  I
think this is probably OK though, since I don't see a lot of cases where
the sample rate would be changed except when an audio driver needs to
re-configure the synth to match the sample rate acquired, or JACK
changes sample rate.  Anyone have any good reasons why sample rate
transitions should be handled more smoothly?

Essentially the following will need to be done:
- Turn off all voices, delete and recreate them
- Delete and recreate the chorus effect

One area I'm not sure about is existing audio drivers.  If the audio
driver itself is re-configuring the sample rate, this is not an issue.
But if the user sets the sample-rate setting at run time, some audio
drivers will likely need to be restarted.

> Thanks & best regards
> ce

        Josh Green

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