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[fluid-dev] soundfont editor recommendation?

From: lemondrop
Subject: [fluid-dev] soundfont editor recommendation?
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 13:07:03 -0700
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Hi list,

I'm using Fluidsynth to make (Adobe) Director applications via the
Fluidsynth Xtra - in other words, I'm no Fluidsynth developer and thus quite
unfamiliar with the various development tools - and I have a question I hope
some of you might have an opinion about:

What Soundfont editor do you recommend? Is there one that's particularly
compatible with Fluidsynth?

I'd prefer a Mac OS X app, but Win would be welcome, also. Free or

I have used Audio Compositor (discontinued about two years ago) and Viena
(not Vienna, since I have no soundcard on that Windows machine), but with
each I've found that unpredictable results occur when using the Soundfont
with the Fluidsynth Xtra.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have!


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