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[fluid-dev] Changes checked into CVS

From: Josh Green
Subject: [fluid-dev] Changes checked into CVS
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 21:36:16 +0000

I just checked in some changes into CVS.

- Dithering now performed for 16 bit output (thanks to Zenkov Mihail)
- Bug fix to 100% CPU consumption problem with "default" ALSA device
- Some minor bug fixes to ALSA sequencer code
- Other minor stuff not worth mentioning

Some info/questions for Zenkov Mihail concerning the dithering:

I modified your patch a bit for several reasons and I wanted to check
with you to make sure I didn't break something in the process.

A variable "dither_index" was added to the fluid_synth_t structure, so
that the dithering buffer index is per synth instead of a static var in
a function (would be a problem if multiple synths were running).

- I re-enabled the call to dev->callback in fluid_alsa_audio_run_s16
since this is part of the API (don't want to break it if someone is
using it)

- A new function fluid_synth_dither_s16() is now used to do the float to
16 bit conversion (with dithering) in fluid_alsa_audio_run_s16, this
function is not part of the public API

- The test for the dither index wrap around was (if nr > DITHER_SIZE),
which I think should be (if nr >= DITHER_SIZE)

- I removed the roundf calls since they seem to require a special
-std=c99 compiler switch, which makes me doubt it works in Windows.
Instead the float sample is just multiplied by 32767.0 and
rand_table[0][di] is added and then the value gets clipped to the range
-32768 - 32767 and finally the value is integer truncated when it gets
assigned to the 16 bit value.  Hopefully that is OK?

I must admit, I had trouble hearing the difference between the new
changes and the old.  There does seem to be something different, but I
can't quite point it out.  Perhaps I don't have very good musically
trained ears ;)  Then again, perhaps I broke something when making
changes to your patch, although I did also test your patch directly.

I did discover another bug in the process.  There seems to be a rather
explosive audio problem with some instruments played at very high notes.
I suspect a filter issue (there were several similar issues in the
past).  Not sure at this point how to fix it though.

Thanks again for the contribution.  Cheers!
        Josh Green

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