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[fluid-dev] Non-existing file patch.

From: Nick Daly
Subject: [fluid-dev] Non-existing file patch.
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 21:42:52 -0500

I've been using Fluidsynth for a few months now (with Rosegarden, as I
don't have a midi card, but still like music editing), but recently
noticed something strange.

While Fluidsynth does allow users to specify a sf2 file when starting
the program, Fluidsynth does not complain when that file doesn't
exist.  For a few days, I've been trying to play my midi files with my
standard startup script, until I realized that my soundfont file was
deleted (after a harddrive crash).  Fluidsynth never complained about
the fact that the file didn't exist at all, and if it had, it would've
made diagnosing the problem much easier (I was looking at routing and
all sorts of other things before I thought to check if the file existed
or not).

To correct this error (not reporting non-existing files), I've attached
a patch, which seems to apply correctly against
fluidsynth/src/fluidsynth.c and Works For Me(tm).

Thanks for your great work,

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