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[fluid-dev] compiling on mac os x 10.4.9

From: Scott Petersen
Subject: [fluid-dev] compiling on mac os x 10.4.9
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 13:41:37 -0400

     I'm having a bit of difficulty with the install instructions for mac as found in the README-OSX file.  The ultimate goal is to get Qsynth up and running.

I have all dependencies installed.

First, Is the osx readme file still valid or are there updated instructions (I see it was written in early 2006).  If there are newer instructions, could someone point me to them?  (And disregard rest of message)

I'm not sure what the configure.ac (a file to create the config file?) file is -- but in no files are found "-ldmidishare" to replace as per the above instructions (as there is no configure file).  I appear to be missing something!  (I tried autoconf to create a configure file to edit, but it throws a series of errors when I attempt to run it with the command given in the README file)

Help greatly appreciated.



Scott Petersen, composer
Eastman Computer Music Center
Eastman School of Music
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