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[fluid-dev] QSynth bug fix and other changes

From: Josh Green
Subject: [fluid-dev] QSynth bug fix and other changes
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:46:55 -0700

I just committed some changes to subversion, including:

- Fixed bug that was causing weird QSynth crash
- Some source changes to make windows builds work
- Addition of Visual Studio 2003 project files
- Back converted VS project to existing VC++ 6 project
- Reverted some Reverb and Chorus level changes until better solutions
are found

Testing and feedback would be appreciated.  In particular with the
QSynth crash and building with the VC++ 6 project files.  Also if anyone
has any ideas on how the chorus and reverb level stuff can be improved
(I think the chorus level currently doesn't work).  Perhaps the current
reverb level scheme is sufficient (its as it was in previous FluidSynth
versions, back when).  I think the chorus still needs some work though,
since I notice that now the effect is too subtle when increasing the
chorus count.  I find the chorus often sounds terrible though, so it
might make sense to evaluate the current algorithm and perhaps replace
it altogether.  Cheers!

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