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Re: [fluid-dev] invalid instrument/drum selection problem

From: jimmy
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] invalid instrument/drum selection problem
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 05:16:16 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for the soundfont pointers, I'll try those

I still think FluidSynth should "ignores invalid
request" rather than void the channel.  Imagine a
hardware sound-module, or any hardware midi-connected
keyboard that would silent the channel because you
punch in an instrument number that is "out of range"
like 999 if it has only 100 instruments.  That would
sound really awful, which is what FluidSynth does.  I
don't think I heard anything that awful on any
hardware keyboard because it won't play the drums.

Sorry, I don't mean to make it sound like an attack or
a put down in anyway, I hope to see FluidSynth improve
and be really versatile in MIDI and/or soundfont
handling.  I think coding wise, this is very minimal
change for a simple lookup/check for someone familiar
with the code base.  If it bothers me enough, I might
have to look into doing that myself someday.

I'm a newbie at the musical keyboard.  I'd rather run
2 instances of FluidSynth, hopefully it can reduce
memory on soundfont loading on some older

Besides playing MIDI file and learn to play along. I
also try to use Qsynth to with 2 instances of
FluidSynth - one as a sound module for StyGMorgan, the
other to play along with a keyboard, or vkeybd.  With
Qsynth, I can try to change the instruments for the
styles played by StyGMorgan, which can play Yamaha
style files directly.  For some styles which uses a
few different drumsets, or different instruments in
the style variations, I run into the same problem, but
worse - backing styles are just short MIDI segments
being looped.  Even if I try to change the instrument
with Qsynth/FluidSynth, it will reset the instrument
or the drumset at the next loop, or as I select
different variation, or fills within the style.

If anyone plays the keyboard, you should try
StyGMorgan, I just recently tried it.  Pretty good,
still have some rough edges I think, but better than
anything else on Linux right now as far as style
playing for auto accompaniment.  There are tons of
style files to try, too.


--- Julien Claassen <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi!
>   I suppose timidity just should be your choice for
> simply playing midi-files. 
> Fluidsynth (and thus qsynth) can play midi-files,
> but I always felt that 
> fluidsynth's main-gola was to play sounds yourself
> and record them or use them 
> during performance.
>   But you could use a complete midi-soundfont. There
> are a few nice ones: 
> fluidr3, Hubbe64 and a couple more, although these
> two are the best I found 
> for free. Really good work they did.
>   Check out:
> http://www.hammersound.net
>   There you should find both of them. If not jst ask
> around, I believe the 
> fluidr3 is around a lot.
>   About the warning messages: I don't really know,
> but fluidsynth should have 
> a debug compilation/configuration option, that you
> could use.
>   Kindest regards
>           Julien
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> Miles)
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