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[fluid-dev] Re: invalid instrument/drum selection problem

From: jimmy
Subject: [fluid-dev] Re: invalid instrument/drum selection problem
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 10:26:15 -0800 (PST)

--- Edenyard wrote:
> Josh wrote:
>> I can see an issue though if someone decides to use
channel #10 for
>> something other than drums (non GM/GS mode).  In
that case that part
>> your patch would cause a bit of headache for the
> I'm not sure if I'm understanding this thread
correctly since my 
> knowledge of MIDI is, at best, sketchy and my
knowledge of coding even 
> more so! But....
> I'd just like to point out that I'm one of a group
of at least 2 people
> (!) who use all MIDI 16 channels of Fluidsynth for
making notes. If 
> there's some idea afoot to make one of the channels
make drum noises 
> only, that would be a DISASTER for us!!
> Sorry if this is an irrelevant interruption, but I
just thought I ought
> to mention it.
> Yours humbly,
> Gerald.

Hi Gerald,

Nice catch, you are right on the subject.  I haven't
tried authoring, mixing, or messing much with the
channels the way you might use them.  I have assumed
that channel 10 is for drums, but what do I know ;-)

Anyway, I only guess that there is a flag somewhere
that Qsynth uses to start up FluidSynth with 32
channels.  I got some style files playing here showing
drum changes on (Qsynth) channel 10 and 26 as well as
other instruments on parallel channels.  Basically two
set of 16 channels (stereo sounds???).  Here a quick
check from "man fluidsynth":

  -K, --midi-channels=[num]     The number of midi
channels [default = 16]

  -L, --audio-channels=[num]    The number of stereo
audio channels [default = 1]

Maybe that could help you with the 16 channel limit,
at least with FluidSynth, not sure about other
SoftSynth or hardware synth should you care about
compatibility.  I also have Qsynth up with multiple
tabs (each tab is a separate instannce of FluidSynth).
 Of course, sync-start/midi-timer might be another
issue for you to deal with for multiple instances.  

I also have tried the "layers" by having the melody
going through Qmidiroute that sent the single channel
event to multiple channels on a different FluidSynth
instance.  Of cousrse, I don't know much about
FluidSynth routing feature that Josh just mentioned in
this same mail-list daily digest.

Take care,


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