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[fluid-dev] GeneralUser GS v1.43 RC1

From: S. Christian Collins
Subject: [fluid-dev] GeneralUser GS v1.43 RC1
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 15:28:26 -0600
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NOTE: I am re-sending this e-mail from my Gmail account, because Hotmail was screwing up my links.
I have updated GeneralUser GS to version 1.43 RC1.  In this version, I have copied the drumsets to the melodic pool in bank 120.  Usually, access to the drumsets is only through the percussion channel (10), but sometimes you may desire to use a different channel.  Switching that channel to bank 120 allows this.

Also, I have created a Rosegarden instrument list for use with GeneralUser GS.  This was designed to be used with GeneralUser GS loaded into bank 0 through Qsynth.  However, other uses are no doubt possible.  Using GeneralUser GS through fluidsynth-dssi doesn't require these patch names, since fluidsynth-dssi provides its own patch names to Rosegarden.  The advantages to using GeneralUser GS through Qsynth rather than fluidsynth-dssi are:
  • All 16 MIDI channels can access the same sound library
  • Reverb & Chorus controllers (91 & 93) work
  • No having to configure the fluidsynth-dssi softsynth for each track--just pick your instrument and go
Anyway, here are the links:


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