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Re: [fluid-dev] Soundlayering w/ fluidsynth + qsynth

From: Josh Green
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Soundlayering w/ fluidsynth + qsynth
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 11:58:19 -0700

Hallo Lutz,

I haven't used FluidSynth myself with more than 16 channels, so I wont
comment too much on that.  Except that I think it creates separate ALSA
sequencer connections for each 16 channel block.  So for example, to
play something on channel 23 you would connect to the second sequencer
connection and send a note to channel 7.

As far as layering sounds.  Ideally this would be something that could
be done on the fly, which I am currently working on in Swami with
virtual banks.  This is not quiet ready though.

The other option would be to make these changes directly in the
SoundFont.  This won't be dynamic though (as in modifiable in
real-time), and you'll end up needing to create Presets for each
combination of stops that you desire.  If you decide to go this route
and need some assistance, let me know.

FluidSynth also has a MIDI router which could likely accomplish this by
sending events to multiple channels.  I'm not real familiar with how the
MIDI router works though, so unfortunately I can't give you any concrete
FluidSynth shell commands to use.

Hope that helps.  I should research the MIDI router more at some point,
since it is capable of some nice things.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 20:00 +0200, Lutz Morelater wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to do the following:
> - press one single note on my keyboard,
> - play several sounds at the same time on this channel triggered by my MIDI 
> keyboard while doing that.
> Recently I have converted an old electric organ into a powerful MIDI 
> controller. The organ had/has groups of switches that I now want to use 
> as "stops", as they were used before for switching sounds on one "channel" 
> (keyboard).
> I can assign MIDI messages to these switches as I need them, so I could send 
> PRESET CHANGE chan. 1 - BANK 100 etc. for switching sounds on the same 
> channel, I just do not know how to configure fluidsynth and qsynth to receive 
> NOTE ON events on one channel and play several instruments without keyboard 
> splitting on that channel at the same time.
> I already know that qsynth/fluidsynth offers more than 16 channels (up to 256 
> channels iirc), but how do I activate - let's say - channel 23 to play 
> something, when that is only a virtual channel? How do I send NOTE ON events 
> etc. for that channel 23?
> I could assign sounds of a SF2 file to different banks to play them on the 
> same physical MIDI channel, but qsynth / fluidsynth does not seem to allow to 
> assign banks other than those that are inside a sound font file.
> Can You help me here or point me to the documentation that would help me get 
> on with my problems?
> Thankyou in advance,
> Crypto.

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