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Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI implementation chart, MIDI remote control for fs

From: S. Christian Collins
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI implementation chart, MIDI remote control for fs
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 12:57:23 -0500
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Fluidsynth respects SoundFont 2.1 modulators, which can be set up using Swami or Vienna.  You will need a SoundFont 2.1-compatible sound card (Audigy or X-Fi series) to edit modulators in Vienna--a Sound Blaster Live! won't work.  The modulators will allow you to specify which controllers will do what.  For example, you could set up controller 2 to adjust filter cutoff within your patch, and then point your hardware controller to controller 2.  The controller's effect can also vary from patch to patch.

Is that what you are looking for?

Lutz Morelater wrote:
Hi Chris,

thanks for Your reply.

No, at the moment I am not planning live performance. I am working on setting 
up my stuff properly, and that involves setting my MIDI organ so it can 
completely control fluidsynth among other things. It is the second step after 
building the MIDI controller circuitry, so to say.

On my notebook I have sidux installed with a standard 32bit kernel and a RT 
kernel for making music. Apart from running jackd, qjackctl, fluidsynth with 
qsynth I am running dssi-vst for my B4II organ which needs wine, and for 
drumming and performing I have installed stygmorgan which is an improved 
version of gmorgan.

To get all of this running smoothly it takes a bit of work though, and I have 
found that even if a program does its job as far as its function is concerned 
it does not mean it can be remotely controlled via MIDI.

My MIDI organ offers lots of drawbars, pushbuttons and knobs for MIDI control 
and can be made to send just about any MIDI message I need. It's a question 
of finding out which ones I need...

Thanks again,

Hi Lutz,

I know you can send reverb and chorus controls using controllers 91 and
93 respectively.  Each responds to values 0-127.  I don't know of a way
of changing SF2 files through MIDI commands, though.  Out of curiosity,
are you planning on using FluidSynth as a live controller (for a
concert, as an example)?  I just performed my first concert with a
FluidSynth-enabled "gigging box", and it went really well.  My setup is
based on TinyFlux (a Linux distro designed for minimum RAM & CPU
overhead) and automatically starts the following in order:

    * QjackCtl (Jack server w/ GUI)
    * Qsynth (FluidSynth w/ GUI) which loads my custom performance
      SoundFont bank
    * Rosegarden (automatically sets channels and tracks, with proper
      volume & effects levels)

My box is rather modest (Pentium III 800 w/ 384 MB RAM) but it does the
job wonderfully and without any noticeable latency.  Once I finally get
my website ready, I'll be putting up a how-to on this topic.



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