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Re: [fluid-dev] Questions about Gleam

From: Guillaume Pothier
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Questions about Gleam
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 18:23:23 +2000

Hi Miguel, thanks for your reply!
I updated my working copy and now I have other errors (string.h is not
imported in debuglog.h, and bad call at sf2voice.cpp:551; for now I
just commented the offending statement out)

I started playing around with Gleam and I was wondering how could I
implement a "repeat" feature: I would like to load a short midi file,
and have it playing over and over again. I thought that the simplest
mean of doing that would be to overload the freeList so that whenever
an event is added to it, I push it back to the synth, with an updated
timestamp. First of all, does it sound like a reasonable solution?
Second, to to that I would need the addNode method of GleamList to be
virtual. Could that be?


On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 2:51 PM, Miguel Lobo <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> Gleam is still very related to fluidsynth so I hope people won't get
> offended if there are questions about it here.  However, I don't always read
> all posts in this list (especially when I'm very busy at work like in the
> last few weeks), so please CC me on any message about Gleam to be sure it
> doesn't get lost.
> The reason Gleam from SVN wasn't compiling was that I had a change half
> checked-in.  I've now completed the check-in, so it should build.  This
> change, which is what I've been working on recently, basically adds an
> interface to generate useful debug information.  I'm trying to use it to
> track down severe clicking problems that seem to appear in some particular
> songs.
> In response to your other questions:
> - Gleam might well be more CPU-intensive than fluidsynth at this point; I
> haven't checked.  The reason is I'm focusing on getting functionality right
> before looking into performance optimisations.  Anyone who wants to look
> into the latter is welcome right now, of course.
> - Gleam has been designed with the idea of being able to combine multiple
> synthesis models (or "subsynths" as I've called them) in a single logical
> synthesizer.  Currently only the only implemented subsynth is based on the
> SF2 spec, but I hope other subsynths will be added in the future.
> As always, anyone who wants to do *any* type of development on Gleam will
> have my full support as far as answering questions and so on.
> --
> Miguel
> Check out Gleam, an LGPL sound synthesizer library, at http://gleam.sf.net
> On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 5:28 PM, Guillaume Pothier <address@hidden>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Hi,
> > I hope this place is more or less appropriate to ask questions about
> Gleam.
> > So here are a few questions:
> >
> > - Gleam from svn is not building right now, I get those errors:
> > /home/gpothier/tmp/gleamsynth/GleamCore/src/sf2/sf2voice.cpp: In
> > constructor 'GleamSF2Voice::Private::Private(GleamCore&,
> > GleamSF2SubSynth&, GleamSynthConfigurationV1&, GleamSF2Voice&)':
> > /home/gpothier/tmp/gleamsynth/GleamCore/src/sf2/sf2voice.cpp:169:
> > error: 'class GleamArray<GleamSF2Generator>' has no member named
> > 'setCountWithoutCopy'
> > /home/gpothier/tmp/gleamsynth/GleamCore/src/sf2/sf2voice.cpp: In
> > member function 'bool GleamSF2Voice::on(const GleamNoteEvent&,
> > GleamSF2Zone&)':
> > /home/gpothier/tmp/gleamsynth/GleamCore/src/sf2/sf2voice.cpp:235:
> > error: 'class GleamArray<GleamSF2Modulator>' has no member named
> > 'count'
> > /home/gpothier/tmp/gleamsynth/GleamCore/src/sf2/sf2voice.cpp:236:
> > error: 'class GleamArray<GleamSF2Modulator>' has no member named
> > 'count'
> > /home/gpothier/tmp/gleamsynth/GleamCore/src/sf2/sf2voice.cpp: In
> > member function 'void GleamSF2Voice::updateModulators(bool)':
> > /home/gpothier/tmp/gleamsynth/GleamCore/src/sf2/sf2voice.cpp:722:
> > error: 'class GleamArray<GleamSF2Modulator>' has no member named
> > 'count'
> >
> > Is it okay to replace all those "count" by "capacity"?
> >
> > - Is Gleam more CPU-intensive than fluidsynth?
> > - I'd like to eventually have a fixed-point synthesizer. If I have
> > time I might have a try at writing one. Where would it fit in the
> > design of Gleam?
> >
> > Regards,
> > g
> >
> >
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