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[fluid-dev] Dealing with startup

From: Benjamin Leggett
Subject: [fluid-dev] Dealing with startup
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 16:19:11 -0400

I recently discovered fluidsynth and generally find it to be less
hassle than timidity.

I use it as a ALSA software synth in combination with Dosbox.
Currently, I start fluidsynth in a shell script in conjunction with
Dosbox, as opposed to systemwide, since the soundfont I use makes
fluidsynth take up quite a lot of memory.

Because this soundfont is large, fluidsynth startup time can take quite
a while, and can vary depending on whether it's a cold start or not.

Is there a way in a shell script to tell if fluidsynth has finished
loading a font? Using "sleep" doesn't always produce the desired
effects, since the load time is, as I said, quite variable. To recap, I
need a way to wait for fluidsynth to finish loading before I start
anything else.

Is there a way to make fluidsynth background ONLY after it has finished
loading the soundfont? Or is this something that will have to wait
until streaming support is integrated?


Ben Leggett

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