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[fluid-dev] Some Questions About FluidSynth MIDI Player

From: Zegelin Peter
Subject: [fluid-dev] Some Questions About FluidSynth MIDI Player
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 19:09:30 +1000


I have been playing with fluidSynth under MacOSX for a few days now and am seriously thinking that it may be suitable for a new commercial product of mine. However I do have a couple of questions, mainly to do with the midi player part of fluidSynth.

1. I really need to be able to adjust the playback speed of the file. I notice that there is a fluid_player_set_midi_tempo function but it isn't well documented. Is this the correct place to adjust the playback rate?

2. Is it possible to stop the player in the middle of a song, move the current playback position either forward or backwards and then start again? Are all the controllers set to their correct values for that position before playback begins?

3. Is it possible to get the player to issue events to an external device rather than through the internal synth?

4. Does looping work?

My last question has to do with the synth itself. From reading some of the mailing list it seems that reverb, chorus and gain don't work as well as they should and I have heard the occasional crackle myself. Switching chorus and reverb off helped a lot but it is still noticeable on some files. I am a complete novice here but I am wondering if it would be possible to modify fluidsynth so that the internal mixer was bypassed and the unmixed sound data was sent to the fluid_core_audio_callback. This data could then be sent to OSX's built in CoreAudio mixers and AudioUnits to do the processing, thus avoiding the problem. I am not even sure if this makes sense but I thought I'd ask!

Anyway - many thanks for a very nice piece of software.


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