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Re: [fluid-dev] Loading soundfonts from ram

From: Antoine Schmitt
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Loading soundfonts from ram
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 23:52:59 +0100

Indeed the ramsfont is for creating a soundfont in ram and incrementally adding samples in it. As it is I dont think that fluid can load soundfonts from ram. You'd have to tweak the soundfont loader for that. Actually, such an extension (reading a soundfont from ram) would be interesting in order to implement soundfont streaming in some future.

Le 2 nov. 08 à 22:05, thomasg a écrit :


I'm currently using a fluidsynth instance in a application (using the midi api) and load the soundfront directly from a sf2-file (using fluid_synth_sfload). Now I want to change that and load a file directly out of the ram. I have soundfonts in a kind of db and get a void-pointer (+ size) to the data of every file in the db. Is there a possibility to use the soundfonts like I did until now and only change the way of loading?
The ramsfont api didn't look appropriate.

Thanks in advance,

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