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[fluid-dev] Spreading fluidsynth as binary

From: Felix Krause
Subject: [fluid-dev] Spreading fluidsynth as binary
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 23:44:33 +0100


I am developing an application that uses fluidsynth. I want to spread it as binary for Windows and MacOSX. As for Windows, there seems to be no problem with simply spreading the fluidsynth.exe and the fluidsynth.dll along with my application. But on MacOSX, this doesn't work. I already figured out that the destination system needs to have midishare installed. On my Mac, fluidsynth works of course, because I compiled and installed it on this system. But I don't have a second Mac for testing purposes, so all I know is that fluidsynth doesn't simply run on another Mac by copying the binary and installing midishare.

Can someone provide information about what whether - and how - it is possible to spread fluidsynth as binary for Mac? The target user group of my application won't probably be able to build fluidsynth from source, that's why I need to spread it as binary.


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