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Re: [fluid-dev] New development

From: Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] New development
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:52:10 +0100
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Josh Green wrote:
> > > Some decisions should be made about what remains to put into 1.0.9.
> > >
> > > What of the following should be added?
> > > - PortAudio driver (it exists, does it just need to be improved?)
> > > - Jack MIDI driver
> > > - ASIO driver
> >
> > That's another discussion, we should think about two different and
> > independent development branches. Personally, I'm not interested, but
> > someone might want to do them for 1.x and we could be merge them later in
> > the 2.x branch.
> I'll see if I feel inspired to work on any of those in the coming week.
> If not, then its time for a 1.0.9 release.
> Cheers!
>       Josh

I would like to find more time to work on the PortAudio driver, as it was my 
plan for ticket #19. I will try, but don't hold your breath.

You are right: there is already a PortAudio driver, but it doesn't compile 
with PortAudio V19. This version includes ASIO support (Mac OSX and Windows), 
so we don't need to write another driver for it. Do you agree?


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