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[fluid-dev] New JACK MIDI driver and other stuff

From: Josh Green
Subject: [fluid-dev] New JACK MIDI driver and other stuff
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2009 22:58:02 -0700

I just committed support for Jack MIDI to SVN.  I tested this with
jack_midiseq.  Also tested with alsaseq2jackmidi by connecting up my
MIDI keyboard to FluidSynth using that program as a bridge.

Some details of the Jack MIDI driver:
- Creates a separate Jack client called fluidsynth-midi (sharing the
Jack client instance would be awkward in the FluidSynth code)

- Added a midi.jack.id option for specifying the Jack client name

- Creates an input port called "midi"

I noticed that the jack_audio_driver2 stuff got removed.  I think I saw
something like this being discussed on the list.  Note that the driver2
code is used by programs like QSynth to provide audio meters.  My guess
is that removing this code probably broke that functionality.

Also committed an updated README-OSX from Ebrahim Mayat.

I'm going to review all the changes that have occurred since 1.0.8.  I'm
not sure if tomorrow will end up being the day for the release of 1.0.9,
due to limited free time, but I think we should try and make it happen
real soon.  Testing and feedback would be great!


        Josh Green

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