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[fluid-dev] Prepairing for 1.0.9 release

From: Josh Green
Subject: [fluid-dev] Prepairing for 1.0.9 release
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 19:34:51 -0700


I finally got around to reviewing the differences between SVN trunk and
1.0.8 and came up with the ChangeLog summary below.  Its really nice to
see the many names of those who contributed in this last development
cycle and this has also helped motivate me to work more on it.  I'm
excited about the future of FluidSynth and what it may bring.  Please
let me know if I credited someone incorrectly or forgot something.

Along with a commit of preset fallback selection logic (mentioned in my
previous email), I made a change to the default driver selection.  The
priority of the default driver is now "jack, alsa, pulse" in that order.

The timer changes look really nice and promising, but lets hold off on
them till the next release.  I also propose that we make the next
development cycle much shorter and use the milestone feature of Trac to
mark tasks that should be completed and not get too crazy with the
number of items in each release milestone.  Since 1.0.10 can be
confusing and also since the timing changes seem fundamental enough, I
think the release following 1.0.9 should be 1.1.0.

Provided the preset fallback selection logic seems correct (I tested it
a little), then its time for a release.  Please speak up now, if there
are any outstanding issues that should be resolved before hand.

Seeing how release names seem to be all the rage these days..  How about
"A Sound Future" for 1.0.9, in reference to the new development

        Josh Green

New Features
New PulseAudio driver (Josh Green)
New Jack MIDI driver (Josh Green)
New CoreMIDI driver (Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
Portaudio driver re-written for Portaudio 19 (Josh Green)
Support for OS/2 including Dart audio driver (KO Myung-Hun)
RPN GM MIDI messages now handled for Bend Range, Fine Tune and Coarse Tune 
(Josh Green)
MIDI channel pressure now handled (Bernat Arlandis i Mañó)
MIDI Program/Bank instrument fallback selection logic (Josh Green and thanks 
also to Jimmy)
Added midi.portname setting to ALSA sequencer, -p command line switch (Nicolas 
Added midi.winmidi.device setting to winmidi driver (Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
Updated Max/MSP FluidSynth binding (Norbert Schnell)

Synthesis Changes
Volume attenuation SoundFont generator now behaves more like EMU10K1 (S. 
Christian Collins)
Stop forcing velocity based filtering (S. Christian Collins)
Fixes to linear/bipolar/positive and convex/bipolar/positive modulator 
functions (S. Christian Collins)
Added fix to properly search for percussion instrument (Josh Green)
Force velocity envelope value to be that of the previous stage when switching 
from decay to sustain (S. Christian Collins)
Filter calculation now uses synthesizer sample rate rather than fixed at 44100 
(S. Christian Collins)

Bug Fixes
Fixed Jack driver in "audio.jack.multi=yes" mode and Jack audio driver cleanup 
(Bernat Arlandis i Mañó and Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
Wrong tempo changes (ticket #22 - Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
Crash bug fix related to using certain modulators in a preset (S. Christian 
Fix to non-option command line argument processing when not using readline 
(Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
dsound device can't be selected (Ticket #16 - Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
Minor build fixes (Josh Green)

Updated README-OSX build instructions (Ebrahim Mayat)
FluidSynth fink package accepted for Mac OS X (Ebrahim Mayat)
Minor fixes to FluidSynth man page (Sven Hoexter)

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