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Re: [fluid-dev] Is there some configuration file for libfluidsynth?

From: David Henningsson
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Is there some configuration file for libfluidsynth?
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 22:04:26 +0200
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address@hidden skrev:
> Quoting "Yair K." <address@hidden>:
>> Hi there,
>>   I want to set some fluidsynth settings globally, however most
>> programs only
>> expose the soundfont selection. Is there some global way to set default
>> settings like audio.periods, audio.output-channels, etc.?
> You mean like a FluidSynth configuration file?  Currently no.  Seems
> like that would be a nice feature though.  It would set the default
> values, which an application would override.

I don't mind having a configuration file for the fluidsynth executable.
But there is one thing to look out for when we come to libfluidsynth
embedded usage; perhaps the current caller of libfluidsynth expects all
non-set values to be what they used to be. Introducing a config file in
that scenario, and the result might be that the caller does not get what
he expects.

An example could be that I write a small application that uses
fluidsynth for some rendering, expecting sample timers to be enabled
since that's the default. But in the config file, system timers are set,
and suddenly my application takes a lot longer time than expected, which
will lead to bug reports against my application.

So for libfluidsynth I would say the best solution probably is an opt-in
for the config file. For Yair, I would suggest talking to the maintainer
of "most programs" asking for more options exposed. (And there's always
the alternative of recompiling libfluidsynth of course, but if one does
so, he is probably aware that he can mess up things.)

// David

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