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[fluid-dev] loading and unloading a SoundFont

From: Kevin Fishburne
Subject: [fluid-dev] loading and unloading a SoundFont
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 04:40:24 -0400

I'm using FluidSynth 1.0.9 and am controlling several instances of it via sockets in GAMBAS. I've build a pretty complex SoundFont management and playback GUI around it but am having some trouble getting basic functionality out of FluidSynth. I've looked through the user manual and everything else I could find with no success.

First I need to load a SoundFont into FluidSynth. I can do this, but only if there are no spaces in the path. For example, this works:

load /test.sf2

but these don't:

load /test 1.sf2
load '/test 1.sf2'
load "test 1.sf2"
load test%20.sf2
load 'test%20.sf2'
load "test%20.sf2"
load test\s.sf2
load 'test\s.sf2'
load "test\s.sf2"

Qsynth can handle odd paths, but its log isn't verbose enough for me to tell how it's doing it.

The second thing I can't figure out is how to unload the SoundFont and load a different one into the same ID that the first one was loaded into. My app is only going to be loading a single SoundFont for each FluidSynth daemon. If I unload ID one then load a new SoundFont it is automatically assigned ID two. Is this irrelevant or do I need it to be assigned ID 1 in order to respond the same way to MIDI events? If the daemon functions the same way regardless (the ID is irrelevant) then I'm good as long as FluidSynth won't crash should the ID exceed a certain value (255 would be bad, 65535 would be okay). Any help is much appreciated.

Kevin Fishburne
Eight Virtues
 (770) 853-6271

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