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Re: [fluid-dev] What is the best way start fluidsynth with zero/low late

From: josh
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] What is the best way start fluidsynth with zero/low latency?
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 23:44:46 -0400
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Quoting "S. Christian Collins" <address@hidden>:
Joan Quintana wrote:
Another question is:
If pianobooster is gonna be used by normal users... how to explain them all this staff? Of course, pianobooster needs low latency, and it will be necessary to use an rt kernel. I needed about six months to be confident with all these subjects, understand latency and XRuns...

Regarding the rt kernel, it seems that the newer default Linux kernels
seem to handle realtime audio quite well even without using a rt
kernel.  I stopped using the rt kernel in Kubuntu 9.04, because the
standard kernel seems to perform just as well, but without the
instability the rt kernel brings.  Does anybody else have a similar


I was having lots of stability problems with the Ubuntu 9.04 rt kernel, regular kernel and an updated one off of one of the kernel related Ubuntu bug reports. The -rt kernel wouldn't hard lock up, but the file I/O would get hosed after a ext4 related Kernel oops message, causing any application attempting to access the partition to lock up. The other kernels would hard lockup at least once a day. I ended up grabbing the latest Kernel ( and using kpkg to build my own RT kernel, using the config /boot/config-2.6.28-3-rt. So far, no lockups. I haven't tested latency though and it is stock, not patched.


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