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[fluid-dev] Tickets, project status, and 1.1.0

From: David Henningsson
Subject: [fluid-dev] Tickets, project status, and 1.1.0
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 13:34:17 +0200
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Hello Fluidsynth community,

I hope that you are enjoying yourselves and have a great summer (or
winter, or rain period, or whatever depending on where you live :-) ).
At least it's quite warm in southern Sweden currently!

Anyway, it has not been much activity in the fluid-dev and the code base
lately. If I remember correctly, the 1.1.0 release was scheduled to be
released in the end of July or in August, which is a month from now. So
I think it would be nice if we could sum up how we're progressing.

* A few weeks ago Josh and I discussed how we could improve the thread
safety inside the synth engine, which Josh volunteered to do. It would
be nice to know how this is progressing, and if it is scheduled for
1.1.0 or not?

* We have a number of tickets that are assigned to the 1.1.0 milestone,
but are yet to be implemented. I guess whether these are fixed before
1.1.0 are merely an indication that "it would be nice if this was fixed
ASAP" rather than an absolute requirement, do you agree?

Coming to speak of tickets, it is currently not obvious to know what
people are working on and what bugs are looking for volunteers. Here's a

* If a ticket's status is "assigned", the person listed as "owner" is
planning to fix it - preferably in the next few weeks.

* If a ticket's status is "new", the person listed as "owner" is
somewhat thinking of fixing it, or can share some thoughts about it, but
is not planning to fix it in the near future.

* If a ticket is looking for volunteers, it should be owned by a new
virtual user called "nobody" or something similar. This should be the
default for newly created tickets.

If this is not fine-grained enough, one could write something more
explicit as a ticket comment.

What do you say?

// David

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