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[fluid-dev] fluid_synth_one_block()'s use of only fx_left_buf and not fx

From: Stephen Hazel
Subject: [fluid-dev] fluid_synth_one_block()'s use of only fx_left_buf and not fx_right_buf
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 13:40:38 -0700

I'm not sure if I should be asking this here, so forgive me if I'm
being impolite, etc.

I've just been perusing the FluidSynth source (which is really pretty
nice, I must say).

It looks like the guts of sample rendering seems to be in

Now, I have NO background in synth engines, but I'm curious why
fx_left_buf[0] and
fx_left_buf[1] are used for reverb_buf and chorus_buf, respectively.

But fx_right_buf doesn't seem to be used ??

Is there an answer easy enough for a guy like me to understand?  :)

Thanks for giving the world this source!

Where did this originally come from?  Was Creative involved at all?
Or did some brainiac actually come up with this?

Soundfonts may not have the most elaborate audio path, but they're
relatively elegant in their simplicity.
(Well, simplicity relative to other synthesis sources I've come
across, at least:)

I think there's actually a chance that I might EVEN be able to understand this
source some day.

Anyways, a big thanks to yall!


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